useless wings (Poem 20160505)

i would make dust devils
if a pair of wings
sprouted from my back
like those pictures of angels
from a kid’s illustrated bible
–you know, the one with blond jesus

ah, those wings, so bright
so electric fluoride white
were they just for show
i don’t remember seeing
the angels fly in those pictures

one image i remember–
flaming sword in hand
staring off at the horizon
not even looking at adam and eve
but ready to set up the hue and cry
as they slunk away in the shadow
of its petrified glowing wings
with shame-shadowed stained faces

or maybe he stared at them
disappointment smeared across his mug
insects trying to steal their way
back into a prison called paradise
or envy since they soared
without wings and without
having to carry that dead weight
around on their backs


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #29: Tears

19 thoughts on “useless wings (Poem 20160505)”

      1. Seriously. The way you blend the abstract with the mundane (mug) and project it through your unique filter of observation – gosh!

      2. You’re very kind. I just get lucky sometimes I think. I’m not being modest. I know I’m a good writer. But I really don’t know what I’m doing or where it comes from half the time.

  1. I always wondered how those angels could fly too, with the heavy white robes and all. Fallen angels are much more comprehensible.
    This is definitely a companion to my interpretation…(K)

    1. Thanks! I’m never sure how I feel about them. There’s something unsettling about them but they do fascinate me.

  2. Angels are scary, but fascinating. The angel in Angels in America says, “My wrath is as fearsome as my countenance is splendid!”

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