Open Mic Announcement (Post 20160501)

So, I didn’t get a lot of people participating last month for the Open Mic invitation. And then it hit me. It was National Poetry Month and I was asking a bunch of poets who were tirelessly devoting themselves to making words stick to the page just so. What was I thinking? I should have known you’d be far too busy.

So, this is going to be a monthly thing. Each month, I will announce the opportunity for you to participate in the Open Mic. It is not a challenge. There are no rewards except getting to hear me sound ridiculous as I read my own poems (and maybe feel pretty good about how you nailed it.

Participate or I’ll have to post this every week. Every. Week.


Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Record yourself reading one of your own works.
  2. Post it on your site (or Soundcloud or any other audio hosting site).
  3. Include a link to this site in your post
    OR Comment below
    OR or send me a message using the contact form.
  4. I will post a link with your name and poem title RIGHT HERE and on the new Open Mic page (it’s above in the menu).
  5. It’s an open mic invitation. NOT a challenge.

Also, if you can think of a way to improve the format, I’m all ears.

It’s an Elder Gods thing. I wish people wouldn’t stare.

**Hey, two NEW entries! Now we’re talking. Get it? Talking?


Poet Rummager Counting Sheep


BRH Car Park Blues – Open Mic


Crow on not ruining you–the words
on not ruining you (reading 20160509)


Poet Rummager Three Haiku Poem: Suck the Poison

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