Poem 20160405

[the] bullnose bride
[served] atomic flamingos
[severed] legs [and] eggs
[and the dreaded] forbidden
chocolate dragon’s tongue

“[oh] mary”, [said] pascal
[her newly married husband]
“[this] explosive breakfast
[makes me] blue
bianca [prepared] custard d’argenteuil
[for] casper”

[with] egg [and] ember
[and much] panache
[the] bullnose bride
[served] pascal
[an] heirloom viking pan
[up side the] pumpkin


National Poetry Month
NaPoWriMo Day 5
The Cruelest Month

3 thoughts on “Poem 20160405”

  1. Lol. My kind of smorgasbord! That reminds me; I’ve run out of chocolate dragon tongues and grab some tonight. Have you ever had dog tongues? They’re good but wag too much for my liking. 😜

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