Poem 20160308

that spark in your eye
how you set my heart a-quake
if only you knew its worth

like some cliche plot
i want to spy on your sleep
and hear you whisper my name


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #27
(5) Words: | WORTH | SPARK | PLOT | QUAKE | SPY |

4 thoughts on “Poem 20160308”

  1. The romantic gesture. There is something about watching the person or creature you love sleep. It is innocent and filled with a warmth. It reminds me of the film with Robin Williams, The World According To Garp. You’ll understand if you’ve seen the film or read the book. A grand endeavor using the words. Romance may sound like a cliched plot but if done well, it is divinely blessed by the faeries.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I’ve done that kind of watching and works stops when you’re engaged in it.

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