parenthood (20171001)

kronos signed his name
to the application
turned it in
still attached to the clipboard
though it fit awkwardly
in the inbox

the social worker
looked over the form
he thought how much
this looked like the dmv

–all government offices are the same

she looked up at his mutter
and he coughed, covering his mouth

–this says here
that you’ve been a father
before. can you explain
why you want to adopt?

he looked into the
shadowed corner behind her
in the small office


titans (20160728)

there were titans once
hecatonchir with fifty heads
and one hundred arms each

if i had one hundred arms
i would never stop
embracing you

if i had one hundred hands
i would want all five hundred fingers
tracing circles on your skin

if i had fifty mouths
fifty pairs of lips
would kiss you

if had had fifty tongues
each would whisper
my love to you

all the titans are gone
and i have only two hands
and one mouth

i hope it is enough
though you deserve