Song 20150329

SMELL, Atsushi Sakurai/Yasuyuki Okamura

Okay, so this song. Space Dandy was playing on Funimation, and it had a pretty interesting OP song, Viva Namida, by Yasuyuki Okamura. But on the album, this was one of the included songs. I heard it pop up during a drive to work and I thought, man, that song sounds kinda dirty. Not the version I linked to is by Atsushi Sakurai, who apparently wrote the lyrics and Yasuyuki Okamura did the music. Which means he did a cover on his later album. Sadly, I cannot find the version from the Space Dandy album on YouTube or Soundcloud, but here’s a link on Spotify: SMELL.

I looked at the lyrics.

Yeah. It’s kind of dirty, but good-naturedly so, and the music will just get in your head and live there. Like, forever. You’ve been warned.

And Space Dandy? I only watched a few episodes. Not because it wasn’t funny or or anything. I just really don’t like Funimation’s iPad app. If you want to watch anime on your iPad, get a subscription to Crunchyroll. Their app is top-tier as far as UI and user experience and they have a decent selection of new and old anime.