the housing market (20220414)

snails are rare here

they were everywhere
in southern california
especially after a good rain
they'd exit flower beds
and rock gardens
meet up on the sidewalk
to discuss the imminent
end of the world

here it is slugs
banana, leopard,
dark black ones like oozing wet
chocolate caramels

i find a snail on the driveway
carrying his refuge
his defenses
on his back

or maybe his burden is light

he takes a trip to the grass
just in case the robins are interested
in entertaining a guest at breakfast

i look for him later
but I do not see him
a trail of glistening nail snot
he has taken his house and moved on
without so much as a "for sale" sign

unintentional potentiality (20210424)

i reach for words
or maybe just one word
fish around in unmarked boxes
with unknown distributions of letters
potentially making meaning
out of a collection of probabilities
tiles inscribed with ancient symbols
glyphs flickering to life
on glass
fading on paper

but who can own a word
or a meaning
who can mint that coin
that currency of grey matter
and say
–this is new!–

who the hell even wants newness

today the slugs taught me
when they pull in their heads
you can’t tell if they are arriving
or departing

here endeth the lesson