stopgap measures (20170122)

grab me by the shoulders
and shake me
see if you can hear
the sense rattling
in my gourd

don’t worry
my brain will stay
where it belongs
i’m not a baby
and i’ve got the neck
muscles of a brahmin priest’s
prize bull

open me up though
and you will find
my contents may
have settled
during shipping

you can always
spray some
construction foam
in there
it’ll expand
and ooze out the holes
where the sound
comes in
comes out

peace and quiet
party of two

Lyrics 20150315

There’s nothing here to see, folks.
You should all just move along.
Is that a siren in the distance?
Excuse me, miss, yes, you in the sarong.

There’s nothing in this duffle bag,
Nothing interesting to see.
Just several weeks of dirty laundry.
Now if you’d only just excuse me.

Can’t let them take my friend away.
I really must insist.
I say I’m not a violent man,
But I’m likely to resist.

Oh, wouldn’t you agree, my dear,
This alley was grave mistake?
Cornered like a common thief.
I hope that you don’t break.

The clubs are out and so are the guns.
This might sting a little bit.
I’ll set you by this garbage can.
I’d cry if you were hit.

Can’t let them take my friend away.
Cause we love to talk for hours.
If they hit me like that one more time
I’ll tell you where to send the flowers.

They’re saying horrible things to me,
Things that just aren’t true.
Blood and knives and tarps and tubs,
And someone headless, just like you.

I found you on the street, I tell,
And you became my friend.
You told me all your secrets.
We’ll be together to the end.

A talking head is not so strange
A thing beyond imagination.
If only they let me show
You sing down at the station.

Can’t let them take my friend away.
I wish my hands weren’t tied.
I’d whisper softly in your ear,
Since you never really died.