pennies (20161116)

i stare at the screen
my eyes closing
sleepy but tired
is not the state
i have achieved

my teeth ache, feel hollow
every footstep
every ringing phone
sends vibrations
along the floor
up through my feet
right into those last
nerves still active
in my caveman jaw

if one more person says
not bad for a monday
i might just
need to see the dentist
with my mouth full of shards
and the taste of pennies

the cost of a plane ticket in american dollars no longer based on the gold standard (20161009)

sew on smiles with
threads of disenchantment
pulling up the corners tight

pin the grin on the donkey
in place
with sickly yellow pushpins
of dread

show your best have a great day
thank you for coming face
fingers trembling over the
cash register buttons
and behind your eyes
the sound of dentist drills
and chalkboard screeches

remember your time in the forest
with hawks big enough to
carry you off
you get to fly
if only for a moment

was it a fair trade

Poem 20151205

it builds in the chest and
the feet
in the ears
and in the hands

a thousand invisible mice
stampeding through your organs

you lose
the ability to foc
us the world reaches you–
when the world reaches you–
through cotton filled

and all you can feel
is your heart
trying to tear itself
out of your chest
and your skin
shifting over your muscles
trying to lift off
the bones
and leave you
a puddle