friendly game of cards 20180505

me and wolf
flop down on the ground
because he refuses to sit
at a proper table

i deal cards
some variation
of five card poker
don’t know what the name is
it’s the wolf’s game
after all

i keep my eyes on him
while i reach for the pretzels

–wouldn’t want to lose a hand
he says, wheezing at his own joke

i bet a finger
he spits a bloody tooth
into the pot

i win
but the hell will i to do
with this tooth

he deals
and i realize that his paws
are delicate human hands
porcelain white
china doll small

i find my self staring

he lunges
swallows my finger

–best attend to your cards
he says

18 thoughts on “friendly game of cards 20180505”

    1. Thank you! Something made me think of a wolf with human hands. If that’s not weird enough, i wrote another wolf poem just about a year ago. Must be the month.

      1. Hmm. I’d meditate on that if I were you. Maybe the wolf wants to tell you something. Or maybe he just wants to be in your poems.

  1. The question is, will any of us spellbound saps still be intact by the time the hunter finally gets around to eviscerating that aberration of nature?

  2. Goddammit! The Wolf is a badass poker player. Your variation of the slight of the hand was amazing!! I bow down to you, Crow man.


  3. Liked the poem , and the wolf ( I am crazy for them, ever since I read the ‘twilight’ series.

  4. Woe……….strong images
    Great post
    Excellent work
    Sheldon slightly

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