a short walk (20180308)

everything is new
to the new dog
each smell a redolent benediction
from nature’s upraised hand
the rotting carcass
of a crow an equal
of a smoking thurible
each ecstatic stream of urine
a harmonic note
added a chorus of previous hymns

so much outside
franti sniffing
making up for this lack of knowledge
so much i wasn’t aware of
so much to be thankful for
the grass
the wind
the sun in my eyes
even the decayed leaves
even the mud
even the shit
thank you for outside
thank you for newness

11 thoughts on “a short walk (20180308)”

  1. We’d be so overwhelmed if we had a dog’s sniffer abilities!! Thank goodness we can wander with dog and let our imaginations romp. Enjoyed this – thank you!

  2. A lovely olfactory journey of discovery and seeing things anew, even if you can keep a few of those odours to yourself.

  3. I found you again! My feed must have glitched. Ignore my comment on Instagram. I thought you’d left WordPress! Glad you’re here!! 🙂

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