let’s all open up (20180212)

i had to work the wound
to get it to bleed again
no amount of murmuring
would entice it to cease
once it freely flowed

these closed doors
flickering living room lights
the smell of half-eaten dinners
don’t fool me

you’re all bleeding


dVerse Poets
Quadrille #50: murmur

35 thoughts on “let’s all open up (20180212)”

  1. Most of us go through life routinely trying to stop that flow. It’s scary because what may be expressed, let out may very well infect the stifled society in which we live. That kind of order, allowing little to no room for soulspeak, needs infection.

  2. My goodness this is good! There is gory truth in this that sends chills down my spine! Perfect 44!💜

  3. the hen pecked blood is the vicious circle – very evocative not least the half-eaten dinners

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