at the wheel (20180102)

the heart is
a driver in a hurry
who takes shortcuts
who has mistaken the gps map
for the territory
who fails to signal
when changing lanes
brakes [breaks]
ignores stop signs
posted speed limits
maximum speed limits
road hazards
never knows who goes first
at a four-way stop
guns it through the intersection
on a stale yellow
merges poorly
cuts off
flips off
offramp shoulder surfs
is night blind
is always under the influence
is always running late
is always driving facing the rising sun
is always driving facing the setting sun
always falls asleep at the wheel

11 thoughts on “at the wheel (20180102)”

  1. Wow…luv this extension of the drive behind an emotion, one too intense to keep us focused on the yellow/white lines along the path of connection because the intensity drives us delirious and then we crash into a tree wondering what the fuck happened. 🙂 p.s. kinda wish that final line wasn’t included. doesn’t fit in.

      1. I thought the last line was fantastic! Why are there people who want to spoil the momentum of an amazing poem that isn’t even theirs? Geez. Write your own damn poem.

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