i have been taking swimming
lessons because
i want to learn how to float
i picked an instructor
with a lot of experience
in the water but
i think
the anchor wasn’t the best

6 thoughts on “aweigh”

  1. Aha! Something tells me you would get a kick out of pirate metal. Do you know the band, Alestorm? If not, your YouTube University homework is to find a song from their most recent album that has the word, “anchor,” in it… oh, and I’m sorry and you’re welcome! βš“βš“βš“πŸ˜€

    1. Ha ha ha. I have never heard of pirate metal, but I’m not surprised it’s a thing. I’ll definitely look them up thanks and I accept your apology in advance.

      1. Catchy, isn’t it?
        So, I guess you should also know that for every song on that album they made a bonus track that is a dog version (with the lyrics replaced with pitch-controlled barking). So, our ditty in question opens, “Bark bark! Bark bark bark bark bark bark!” πŸ•
        It should also be mentioned that I wouldn’t be nearly this cultured all on my own. My husband is the pirate metal aficionado…

      2. Ha ha ha!

        My cat hates the barking dog jingle bells song. It actually makes her agitated, so I may have to skip the dog version. My dog is mostly deaf, although he can still sometimes hear food hit the floor.

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