the inevitable weight of words (20171026)

all i want out of this life
the only thing i want
the only thing i ever asked for
was to relax next you in bed
clothes off under the covers
curling toward you like a seahorse
without either one of us
being a slave to the clock or the cat
and just laying there feeling the heat rise
off your skin
and if things get spicy
then we can’t scratch those itches
with long, sharp nails
and why shouldn’t i bury my face
in your hair why shouldn’t i want
apotheosis now instead of later
why do i have to say why not
why are those even words

3 thoughts on “the inevitable weight of words (20171026)”

  1. You portray the sense of yearning in this so strongly. Really enjoy the line, ‘being a slave to the clock or the cat.’

  2. Yes, humans are slaves to the cat, so curl up with each other until the master gets under the covers and demands full attention. Do it now while you still can! Lol. I do like the image of curling up against each other like a seahorse. I never knew marine life can project such a sensual picture.

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