the origins of art (20170916)

a het up ape
in a t-shirt
swinging a hammer

i break everything
that drifts into
my orbit

i say this is art
but is it art
do animals make art?

what about termites with
their giant rippling mounds?
now that’s la sagrada familia

what was so bad about
living in the trees
what called us down

into the tall grasses
of the savannah?
the sun puts an ache in

my teeth and the taste
of burning ants on
my tongue

6 thoughts on “the origins of art (20170916)”

  1. yeah, better to keep a high elevation unless you want to be consumed by la sagrada familia.
    and keep your shirt on. I would die laughing and fall out of my tree. šŸ™‚

  2. Yeah…DO we make art? Is art just something for art’s sake, or are we just flailing around like the hominid in 2001, about to come upon something truly useful by accident?

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