hogtied (20170914)

tie me at the wrists
and then make sure
to secure my thumbs

primates are handicapped
without the use
of their hands

it’s for your own good
after all, and this time
don’t give me a safety word

or better yet
gag me–i don’t mind
as long as i can breathe

it’s all fun and games
until someone collapses
a lung or has a stroke

of course this is just
a metaphor
we don’t even have rope

13 thoughts on “hogtied (20170914)”

  1. Great title, and your words dig deep as they usually do; although tongue in cheek is your usual style. I enjoy the contrasts in your poetry. Is there not one person who hogties us and makes us vulnerable and weak? We may say that we don’t like that feeling of insecurity, but why do we always supply the “rope?”

    1. Thank you, little flower.

      You’re right of course. There’s always someone who can tie us. We might say they’re in control, but let’s be honest: we want them to bind us to them. Just hope we’re not getting roped up and dropped on a train track.

      1. Plato once said that humans once consisted of four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. Zeus was fearful of the power humans once possessed, so he split them into two. We each live our lives searching for our other half.

        Lol. Your comment about the train track made me think of Charlie Chaplin saving the damsel tied up as a train is fast approaching.

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