breaking point (20170909)

i am a stained glass saint
and you are a high-pitched
tuning fork pressed against
my flattened multiple colors

you ring
i respond
with crack and shatter
fake gems from a pirate
souvenir shop scattered on
the floor

the red ones are my hearts
the blue ones whatever resolve
i kept in check

more hot lead
and patience
will be required

19 thoughts on “breaking point (20170909)”

  1. Nice to come across a happy ending now and then. I did wonder about the resolve, though. Perhaps it has to do with the word “hearts” instead of “hearts?.” I like the flow.

  2. Fantastic. Also “better than usual”, but I’m still trying to think of how best to articulate “why”. I haven’t forgotten!

      1. Rubber heart. I like that…

        You throw my rubber heart on the floor.
        It bounces once, twice, and some more –
        then hits you smack on your nose.
        Blood pours.
        Soon after, you depart
        with your broken schnoz and my bouncy heart 😦

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