framing (20170906)

this is a window
but you think
you are outside

i pull you back
until you see
the frame
the sill
the sudden reflection
of light on glass
your own ghost
like pigment transferred to acetate
marbled, colorful, but hardly there
a film’s second exposure
and through that the world

you think you see
with your eyes

11 thoughts on “framing (20170906)”

  1. I consulted the Magnetic Oracle this morning and she was talking about both windows and eyes…must be in the air. There may have been ghosts as well…
    There is that disconcertion that comes with reflections in windows. Especially when they are layered over something else. (K)

    1. Ghosts are always there. I haven’t visited the oracle in a long time. I’m going to have to go hang out with her again.

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