tides (20170831)

once more i want to stand
upon that beach
remove my shoes though you know
i hate the sand against my skin

but i want to stand at the edge
of the sea
my feet in the wet sand
the water swirling around my ankles

i will stand against
the pull of the water
as sand is drawn out to sea
and i sink feet first

i want to remain there
as moon toys with tide
ground down like sea glass
the ocean and sand polishing me

standing still
sinking into wet sand
until the sea is over my head
and my edges have been smoothed away

13 thoughts on “tides (20170831)”

  1. This is fantastic! I may have to steal it someday. I love the image of you being polished and rounded by the ocean waves. Kind of a sexy image — no wonder the sea is frothy!!

    1. Thanks. I wanted to get that feeling of when you were a kid at the beach and you felt the waves trying to drag you out. And just giving in to it.

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