Day 10/30 of the Tupelo 30/30 Project (20170810)

one moment i stand framed in metal
the next the air takes me
i throw myself at the ground….


Want to read more? You can. My poem while skydiving, i contemplate the inner ear, stalactites, the half-life of monamine oxidase inhibitors, why i consistently burn my bacon, and whether the chute will open is available to read at the Tupelo 30/30 project page. Check it out like a book from the library.

This prompt is brought to you by the incomparable Robert Okaji. Please go and absorb his site O at the Edges. You will become a better poet, a better reader, nay, a better person, through osmosis.

Please note: Robert supplied the above title and also requested a typed copy of his poem AND an audio recording. I will record the poem before the weekend is out and post a second time, because that’s how I roll. Also, most of my poems are shorter than the title he gave me, and I seriously thought about trying to cram as much of that into a haiku as I could, but it would probably have taken me a week.

This is day 10. You can sponsor me (I know you want to) and have me write a poem for you. Let me be a puppet for you. Pull my strings. Go to Tupelo Press’ Project 30/30 page for more details.

14 thoughts on “Day 10/30 of the Tupelo 30/30 Project (20170810)”

  1. Your transition from wondering what falling up is like to wondering about the extent of your anti-depressant’s (anti-falling?) psychotropic capabilities in the face of brokenness is sublime. Seriously. I’m very moved by this one. Bob didn’t make it easy on you, and you soared to the occasion!

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