introspection (20170718)


no sunlight to block now
such a small view
doesn’t warrant the trip
across the carpet
to lower the bar

hear it in your head
that clack of wood
as the tilt rod
eases the louvers down

only reflections
having fled
and taken all visions with it
the window now
a mirror


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics: Looking Out / Looking In

22 thoughts on “introspection (20170718)”

  1. Wonderful take on the prompt. We had shutters similar to this in our country house. I loved the feel of maneuvering the louvers rather than simply pulling a cord to lower a shade. That clack of wood as the tilt rod lowers 🙂 I always found these wooden louvered “shades” much warmer in feeling, more intimate, that standard shades. Something about wood I think. Glad you posted!

    1. Thank you so much. Shutters were one of the first things we had installed in the house. We get a lot of direct sun, and I always loved those big louvers.

  2. The window becomes a mirror at night with the light coming from the inside. Those wooden shutters would block more light during the day than the shades we use.

  3. I love that switch from window to mirror. I love it when someone points out something I’ve “seen” a million times, but never really “seen” at all. Lovely poem.

  4. Excellent use of the auditory imagery – you didn’t just ‘let’ us hear the sounds, you ‘made’ us hear them by saying we already had. Clever bird 🙂

  5. That’s a different, interesting take on the prompt! I much prefer blinds to curtains (which are far too popular over here) as they do keep out the light in the summer when you need to sleep, as well as blocking unwanted views for some. I love the sound in::
    ‘that clack of wood
    as the tilt rod
    eases the louvers down’
    and the closing lines.

  6. I like the auditory in this poem. I also like the changing perspecitive from window to mirror. I’m a curtain person as well. Not a lot of folks in this area so curtains work well. My living room window is wide open to the world, such as it is back here. I like the closed feeling of the window as well.

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