visitor in the yard (20170625)

lizard rests on the sidewalk
looks me right in the face

–hey, he says

i stare down into his black eyes
his ribs don’t move in and out
the way i think they should
but he’s definitely alive
definitely talking to me

–hey, i say back

he shakes his, and odd human gesture
on his little reptilian body

i’m a talking lizard for fuck’s sake
that’s the best you can dredge up?

he scuttles toward the fence
almost makes it underneath

–check out the peach tree, i say
there’s lots of flies
sure to find a meal
and a pile of bricks
to hide behind

he nods

sorry for swearing

i shrug
and he is gone

7 thoughts on “visitor in the yard (20170625)”

  1. Lizards can be smart asses, but they’re pretty honest. I chuckled reading your funny poem. Your imagination is quite rampant in the hot weather. 😀

    1. Ha ha! I would never attack a lizard 🦎. Squirrel, maybe. I am convinced they are plotting my death.

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