untitled (20170615)

fish bait skull
head full of worms
and you’re not
even buried yet

writhe and twist
spasms of simple muscle

heat, light,
electricity, auras,
biorhythms, train whistles,
cuckoo clocks, bees,
ankles, nipples,
pudding, time

let’s go fishing

8 thoughts on “untitled (20170615)”

  1. Excellent! Takes me back to when all your poems were untitled. Brilliant combination of words like a recipe that shouldn’t work but tastes divine.

    1. thank you

      sometimes I can’t come up with a title that gets close to encapsulating the poem. which is probably because i still don’t know what i’m doing.

      1. I can do titles – it’s the rest of it I find hard. Apparently, amazing titles aren’t enough!

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