shadows stretching (20170420)

the fat sun
lolls low in the morning sky

pine trees line the street
casting long shadows
across the asphalt

a runner hunched half over
speeds through a gap
in traffic
silent train tracks

i wait for the crows
who have found something
unknowable but edible
in the grass

i taste the dust
of the field behind my
childhood home
chickens, horses
beyond the field
a neighbor of sorts
whose peacock
is crying


It’s STILL National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 20

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12 thoughts on “shadows stretching (20170420)”

  1. Do you really have a neighbor with a peacock? I like the part when the crows eat something in the grass that’s unknowable! — sounds fun.


      1. I think the bird was horny, and I’m not saying this to be funny, but I’ve read that male peacocks take their latter part of their name very seriously. I’m glad you didn’t hop over the fence to see or comfort him.


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