the meek (20170405)

black blur on red bricks
this spring day
heats up like summer
and you and your kin
warm yourselves
and scatter yourselves

i have seen more
of your brethren
in one year of heat
than in a lifetime of
cooler years
and i wonder
if this a new age
of dinosaurs

these ones will be tiny
and won’t fly
and won’t have feathers
they will have scales
and eat insects
and inherit the earth
and i hope
they are kinder to the bees


It’s National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 5

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11 thoughts on “the meek (20170405)”

      1. Ah yes! Crepuscular is the best word ever! I tried to seed ‘parabola’ but it didn’t catch on!

  1. Kaaw! Brother crow!
    I have no ear for poetry, like I’ve said time and time again (here and there).

    But I like this.

    That said, this line
    “and you and you kin”

    Was it meant to be ‘your kin’, and just got typo-d? It just seems out of place the way it is.


  2. Kaw, indeed! I always dig your cynical optimism. The biggest downside of this too-near-future (and frighteningly realistic) view of the planet, though, is its inhospitability to the birds… 😦

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