Mush for Thanksgiving

So, before the day gets away from me completely and I slip into a carb/gravy/pie induced state of torpor, I just wanted to say, thank you.

I’m pretty technologically oriented. I’ve worked with computers in one way or another since I had the original Commodore Vic 20. If you had one when they came out, then you’re old like me. I wrote my first computer program by copying it out of a magazine, typing it into a BASIC compiler, and saving it to a cassette tape. Magazines, BASIC, cassettes… how Fred Flintstone can you get? Anyway, you’re probably a little better at figuring out smart phones than your parents are, too. And while I enjoy the gadgets, the internet, and all it has to offer, I can honestly say that this is first time that I have found a community online that I feel I belong to.

I’m not sure what drives traffic to my site. I know that a year ago, I first began to see real growth in the number of visitors I’ve had. I won’t lie and say those lives and views in the dashboard are unimportant to me. They matter because it means I’ve connected.

So thank you. Thank you for connecting with me. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for liking, for coming back.

I may be back with a poem of my own later, but to tide you over, here’s one that showed up in my inbox from this morning. I’m just providing the link, but it’s worth your time.

W. S. Merwin

See you after nap time.

14 thoughts on “Mush for Thanksgiving”

  1. I remember those things, too! I wrote programs on my Vic 20 when I was recovering from surgery. I was so excited to inherit my father’s Commodore 64 when he upgraded…

    Unfortunately for me, the technology grew much faster than my interest or ability to keep up with it. But I agree with you about WordPress; it is an online community I cherish today…

    Thanks for being a part of it, Crow! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful words! I have just come back to this community after a almost 4 year lapse, it was harder to navigate for me then. much easier now. but I am looking forward to this being a good community and platform. thanks for your words brother Crow.

  3. You don’t seem to be one to go mushy very often, so I’ll take a bowl of it. You know what a fan I am of your writing. I’ll always ask for seconds. Lovely thankful poem by Merwin. I know why you linked to it — his writing is similar to yours… no nonsense and honest. I’m thankful we’ve connected. xo

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