the natural bridge (20161104)

all the dragons have been put
in pet stores and the magic
swords melted down into third place
trophies for dodgeball and the
rings that make you invisible
are plastic slap bracelets even
the dwarves have lifts in their
shoes and are as clean shaven as
they dare to be without losing
their street cred

whatever natural bridge
led from that other place to this
or held up under our feet long
enough to let that other place thrive
here has collapsed under
the weight of adult shoes


as everything turns grey
writing prompts by J.R.Rogue and Kat Savage
3. The Natural Bridge

15 thoughts on “the natural bridge (20161104)”

      1. The spirit of it reminds me of some of the works of Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg. It has your own unique feel to it’s but that’s the sense of excitement I got from reading.

  1. Adulting does stuff. I think writing helps keep that inner kid alive. πŸ˜‰

    Still, it is always obvious things change. Even for a kid at heart like myself.

    Change isn’t always bad though. Great poem. ^_^

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