come and go (20161014)

watch them come and go
eavesdrop on their conversations
no one is talking about
renaissance masters
but the emptiness
of the crowded room
goes down rough
like swallowing a
desiccated peach pit

what would they listen to
what conversation would you offer

the slow and slowing beat
of that pump in your chest
that peach pit of an organ
that withered on the limb

10 thoughts on “come and go (20161014)”

  1. I just recently wrote a short story about a fruit’s pit. How funny! I enjoyed the way you described the “emptiness of a crowded room.” I’ve been in that place before. Your poems are written in a way that stimulates all my five senses. I feel so participatory in your writings. 😀

    1. Thank you. I must admit to lifting a bit from T. S. Eliot, but I hope I was obvious enough in my little thefts and successful in making them my own.

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