the taste of failure (20160923)

i’ll tell you what failure
tastes like

tastes like needles
tastes like need
tastes like less
tastes like a fucking mirror
chewed up over a lifetime
tastes like glass
tastes like cold silver
welling up behind your tongue
tastes like every dream
you ever had
tastes like every nightmare
you ever had
tastes like staring
into the other lane of traffic
tastes like that shadow
in the corner of the room
tastes like a mouth
full of blood

21 thoughts on “the taste of failure (20160923)”

  1. The thing about tasting failure is that you never order the dish on a menu or cook it at home. It’s pretty much shoved down your throat, and you gag from its acrid flavor. You captured failure’s palate perfectly!

    1. Thanks. Although I’ve always thought of it as something homemade. But maybe I’m used to shoving it down my own throat.

  2. Well I can’t stop what rose said
    but a full mouth of blood
    What failure did you bite into
    That’s what I want to know
    I love that line

    1. Thank you, Sheldon. I think it was just accumulation of frustrations, goals unmet, and feeling like everything was moving beyond my grasp. You know. The usual.

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