no more titans (20160918)

i rest on my back
staring at a ceiling
scraped smooth
and white
by previous owners

the only thing tearing
at my liver
an eagle named
anxiety as the weekend
slips over the horizon
with the sun

i close my eyes
and see an expanse of white
and open my eyes
and see an expanse of white

i wonder what it would be like
to give the gift of fire
without getting blistered hands
if being chained to a rock
is all that bad
having made a mark
that went down on his
permanent record
and i wonder what color
his sky is

11 thoughts on “no more titans (20160918)”

  1. This was very visual for me. I love it when writing lands right into my imagination and creates more imagination. Enjoyed this a lot!

    1. I suppose that’s true if you’ve managed to do something with your life. Or maybe the opposite is true. If you’re Lao Tzu.

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