twists and turns (20160914)

it twists and turns
this road
and not easy to traverse by
any means
avoiding the infinite
fall into footsteps
of behemoths and other
rough beasts who have
trod this way before
fellow travelers
blindfolded all
led by sense of smell
and is it lilies or
the rot of decay
eye-closed pilgrims
don’t see the road
for what is is, a knife
sliding between the ribs as
it twists and turns


Jane Doughtery Writes
Poetry challenge #48: Circles and cycles

16 thoughts on “twists and turns (20160914)”

  1. Wow. The “twists and turns” of the road in life are expected, but “a knife/ sliding between the ribs…” – and between the road and its twists…! Did Not expect that, or I should say: did not see it coming with eyes closed as in the poem. Great ending, both startling and visceral.

      1. I’ve read a lot of your poetry and quite a bit of it has humour, too. Even some of the dark stuff. It all comes across as very honest.

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