a memory of shape (20160912)

the ghosts don’t have shapes, you said
it’s plain to me because the idea of a
soul is outdated, as outdated as the
idea of the homunculus the little mad
man behind the curtain telling you to
eat cookies and scratch your ass in

i point out that i never equated a ghost
with a human soul merely that there
were such things as ghosts and they
most definitely have shapes if not
actual substance

if a ghost is not a soul, then what is it
you ask, pressing me further on the subject

i am about to answer when the light changes
in the room and you fade out where a
beam of sunlight illuminates where you
used to sit on the sofa

14 thoughts on “a memory of shape (20160912)”

  1. Homunculus! I haven’t hear that word forever. Lol! Of course, you’d be the one to mention it in your poem. I’m not surprised. Ooh, I loved how the person you were talking to turned out to be a ghost. Excellent how you tied that in!! xo

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