hvac (20160801)

the aerospace building
looks like a
travel agency
from the sidewalk

but as i pass
i notice the hissing
and an angled pipe
slithering from the concrete
as some kind of
compressed gas escapes

the wall, nicotine-stained yellow
like mom’s fingers
grass dances around
the bare patch of earth
below the spewing mouth
and there is a whiff of sulphur

i try to hold my breath
but as i pass
i wonder where that air
is coming from

an employee desiccating lounge
where drones are slowly
dried and their oxygen vented
to the outside world?

some lab where experimental fuels
burn out of control
and in an attempt to save the company
toxic fumes are funneled
to the damned, unsuspecting public?

i quicken my steps
it’s probably just the hvac system
i tell myself
yes, that’s all that it is

13 thoughts on “hvac (20160801)”

  1. Sometimes, when I read something like this, I feel better and say to myself, “See? It’s not just you.” And then I think, “Oh no! It’s not just me…”
    Must be something in the air. Cool poem. Thanks.

    1. Thanks. I guess I just have a weird way of looking at things. But really, what are they pumping out of that pipe? πŸ€”

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