the uncertainty of singing glass (20160718)

light catches it
like morning sun
on a single spiderweb strand

blown glass stretched so thin
it sings every time we breathe

connecting us
more frail than
sun-bleached bird bones

sudden movements
scare you like a nervous cat
so i mirror you
match your speed
and keep this thin tendril
from bending
from shattering

today the trend is all
self-healing polymers
but these inevitable shards–
will they go back together
get stronger
more flexible with mending

or will we just end up
with bloodied fingers


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Frail

6 thoughts on “the uncertainty of singing glass (20160718)”

  1. I’ve started reading your work out loud (when you don’t open mic it). The structure and the brittle consonants harmonise with the theme beautifully. I don’t if that was intentional but if it was, it’s [insert overused ‘g’ word here]

    1. Thank you so much. I can’t say it’s always intentional. I’m not that conscious of my process most of the time. But I did try to make this one sound brittle. I’m glad it came through.

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