father’s day (20160619)

i don’t remember father’s day
with my own fathers
not any of them

today was so hot when i left
the store, i couldn’t see

my eyes closed as if my face
had been shoved into an open

i remember sitting with my father
watching a cartoon
and he laughed so hard
he cried
he wept and wheezed

if something was funny
he couldn’t not laugh at it

i can’t remember
a single father’s day
beyond today

5 thoughts on “father’s day (20160619)”

    1. Oh I’m sure I made cards and ashtrays. But I don’t have a single memory of it, not as a child anyway. Maybe it’s the heat 🔥🔥🔥

  1. I don’t remember them either, but then I’m not good with the past. I don’t even remember the one we just had.

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