groan (20160528)

squeezed out like blobs of toothpaste
our souls worm their way across
plains the color and texture
of spent charcoal briquettes
leaving slimy, intersecting trails
where they have touched other souls
all of us too heavy to lift off the ground
too much gravity or too much sin?
is there a difference?

8 thoughts on “groan (20160528)”

    1. Weighed down by the air in my lungs. Hey , your comment is a good first line. You should do something with it!

    1. That’s an excellent question! I don’t know if it does in any real sense, BUT I do know that I wind up doing things that I either shouldn’t do or that wind up screwing things up. I don’t know if there’s any theological ramifications for my sin-plification, but there you have it.

      1. I’ve just been reading about the Spanish “converting” the Central Americans to Christianity, and how they couldn’t manage to impose their idea of evil or sin, as the native belief was that good and evil were one, all part of the same life-force. I find sin a strange concept myself, but we are so trained to break things into good and bad that it’s hard to discard the point of view…

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