Poem 20160318

our hearts
beat out
the same

but mistimed

as if i were from
the past
and you are here
in the present
and we see each other
as ghosts see the living
through a veil or a mist

or as if we boarded
the same train
felt the rattle of the rails
at the same crossings
sat in adjacent seats
my hand on the armrest
where you place your hand
me looking out the window
where you lean your head
fogging it with your breath
the same journey
but on different schedules
different timetables

3 thoughts on “Poem 20160318”

  1. This is wonderful, I feel this so much, this came at a perfect time. Of course,I’m sorry that you feel that way, but it’s so beautifully expressed! Sometimes time and pain changes people and there’s nothing you can do. I understand completely the feeling of hanging onto someone who has completely changed or who has moved on. At some point, you realise that what you miss is the memories of the person, not who that person is in the present. And while you’re stuck in the past because of this, that person may have already moved on.

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