Story 20160227

A new challenge from hbhatnagar, via Elusive Trope

I would like to present a challenge, a word challenge. Thanks to Elusive Trope for encouraging me to get off my lazy ass and actually try to get more readers involved in this weekly game. I would never have attempted it if you had not pushed me, ET!

The premise is simple. I provide one phrase every Thursday, an incomplete string of words, and it is up to you to complete it in your own, inimitable way. However you like, taking it in any direction you want.

If you like the concept, please play along and post the complete challenge on your blog and leave a link in the comments section below.

I love the mental exercise, I hope you do too!

This week’s phrase –

“”The plane will be landing in ten minutes”, I heard over the intercom,……”

“…which was a problem as I was tied to the landing gear with a bomb and a very dead ambassador, and no way to get at my knife.”

Two Phrase Story #30

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