Poem 20150818

the projector projects
a filmy image on the
colors washed out
by the green clay surface
and the light flooding in
through the broken blinds
and the cracked open door
to alleviate
the oppressive september
heat and humidity

science class
though the school is small
and all classes are taught
by the same teacher
and in the same room

filmstrip about insect
life cycles
and a horrible scratchy
like a melodrama
or illness of the week movie

ghost handwriting outlines
homework on the too dark board


legible on the thorax
of the four foot wide

2 thoughts on “Poem 20150818”

  1. Awesome! Puts me so there, not just physically, emotionally as a kid in a similar situation. The surreal atmosphere intended to be ignored, “everything’s normal” yet the mind tries to wrap around it, like the insect life cycle (which of course implies you will die, too) The ending is superb.

    1. Thank you. Every kid I knew always looked forward to those filmstrips (long before VCRs or DVDs) with a mixture of elation and dread. Always disappointed we couldn’t just nap or pass notes, that we were expecting to remember things.

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