Poem 20150817

anything when
with the little now
a time to pocket the wind
like a watch
the wind up blowing
a hole in the pocket
of the little now
a pitcher’s blackened pitch
and the smallest wrist
white and perfect
anything when
when now not
like a watch
or being watched

Been reading e e cummings. Seriously, there is no poem better than this one:
i carry your heart with me. I would post this one, but it is still under copyright. So go ahead and click over.

2 thoughts on “Poem 20150817”

  1. Well done, indeed. I think too often anthologies and such tend to put in his most experimental poems, a lot which don’t resonate with me (clever for clever’s sake), but the one you linked to is excellent, too. I do like the way what your poem is saying is not clear, yet there isn’t a feeling of randomness. It becomes one long metaphor turning on itself, the kind of poems I have a immensely hard time pulling off, especially as well as you did.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I encountered the poem I linked to by visiting a site that presented poems at random when you loaded the page. And I realized how much I loved his work. Of course, my little poem isn’t clear because I myself am not entirely clear on what needed to be said. I just let it say it as best it could.

      Thanks again.

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