Poem 20150403b

I didn’t know it was National Poetry Writing Month!

I don’t know how many of these challenges I’ll try. I’ve missed the first two already. Today’s challenge is a fourteener, a poem with lines of fourteen syllables.


the fox and bear were famous friends, at least that’s what i heard
until the fateful day the fox threw caution to the wind
and dressed in finest reds and whites, a top hat on his head
he came to court the lovely lass, the bear’s only daughter

‘this is an outrage,’ shouted bear, ‘you’re more than twice her age’
‘my age has nought to do with love,’ said fox, severely grave
‘i seek her hand and she seeks mine; do not begrudge us this
‘why you yourself are thrice my age and yet we still are friends’

‘we’re friends no more,’ the bear cried out, ‘you seek to ruin her”
‘far from the truth you wander, friend, and farther still you stray
‘if she’ll have me, she’ll be mine, the devil take your blessing’
so fox and the bear’s only child strove to run away

okay, no rhyming and it’s kind of a fragment.