Xmas Song 20151215

This isn’t technically a Christmas song.


It is featured in a fun Christmas move Elf, which may or may not be to your taste. One thing you can’t fault is the soundtrack, which is infectious, fun, and dammit, just bright.

I needed a bright song the other day, remembered this from the soundtrack, and so now I’m sharing it with you.

Pennies from Heaven, Louis Prima

Xmas Song 20151204

Last year, I posted a Christmas song every day of December. I don’t think that I can repeat that feat, but I will try to post a couple a week at least. I’d like to focus on the ones that make me feel nostalgic, not that nostalgia is always a good thing. But I think for Christmas songs, it works.

Feel free to comment, or post a link to your own favorite song. We can make it a party.

Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal), Vince Guaraldi Trio