Xmas Song Day 13

I first saw a stop motion animation set to this song after my son was born. He was only about a month old, and like many babies, would have a hard time falling back to sleep after being feed in the middle of the night. But he loved being in a ¬†swing. So I’d put him in his swing and turn on the the TV downstairs int he dark at two or three in the morning. And what was on? The Bozo show out of Chicago. Leading up to Christmas, they played the cartoon a lot, and I had never even heard the song before.

Suzy Snowflake, Rosemary Clooney

Ah, and here is the version I saw originally in that dark room, with my son dozing to the soft click-click-click of the swing rocking back and forth.

Suzy Snowflake

(Not sure why this one doesn’t embed. Maybe because it’s kind of creepy?)

Oh my god, I just watched this one, too. I’m sure I saw this too.

Hardrock, Coco, and Joe