Song 20150329

SMELL, Atsushi Sakurai/Yasuyuki Okamura

Okay, so this song. Space Dandy was playing on Funimation, and it had a pretty interesting OP song, Viva Namida, by Yasuyuki Okamura. But on the album, this was one of the included songs. I heard it pop up during a drive to work and I thought, man, that song sounds kinda dirty. Not the version I linked to is by Atsushi Sakurai, who apparently wrote the lyrics and Yasuyuki Okamura did the music. Which means he did a cover on his later album. Sadly, I cannot find the version from the Space Dandy album on YouTube or Soundcloud, but here’s a link on Spotify: SMELL.

I looked at the lyrics.

Yeah. It’s kind of dirty, but good-naturedly so, and the music will just get in your head and live there. Like, forever. You’ve been warned.

And Space Dandy? I only watched a few episodes. Not because it wasn’t funny or or anything. I just really don’t like Funimation’s iPad app. If you want to watch anime on your iPad, get a subscription to Crunchyroll. Their app is top-tier as far as UI and user experience and they have a decent selection of new and old anime.

Songs 20141130

One of my favorite groups to come out of Japan is JUDY AND MARY. This song in particular, is amazing. If you don’t speak Japanese (and I understand maybe every 10th word), the songs seems pretty upbeat. But look at the lyrics. And then feel yourself break into a hundred sharp little pieces.

Also, the lead singer, Yuki?  かわいいですね

This first versions is kind of sort of live.

This one a more traditional music video.

Song 20141123

This is not my song.
Though it is a song I am familiar with,
One that I associate with my dad and his era.
He lived through World War II.
As I understand it,
He served in the Merchant Marines
And never saw combat.
He didn’t talk about it much.

You Always Hurt the One You Love

Not sure why I thought of this song tonight, or about my dad.