Mr. Chibi

As promised, here are some photos of the newest addition to our family: Chibi Fantastico. He was born November 1, 2017 and came to live with us two days before Christmas. The pictures above are from now–he’s just over five months hold.

Here is a picture of him from before we brought him home:

He is a fun, lovely boy. We read that shiba inus can be aloof and aggressive, but so far, he’s been extremely social with both people and other dogs.

If you can’t get enough of him, you can find him on Instagram. My wife and post pictures of him under his own stream (of course). He is ChibiTheShibi there.

23 thoughts on “Mr. Chibi”

  1. Cute pup
    Reminds me of mine
    We are away right now
    And she’s in the pets
    Hotel I miss her so
    She’s a shitzu Lillian
    Is her name black and white
    Dogs are great

      1. More like some kind of Neoprene, but we like how it looks on him and how secure it is. He’d strangle himself on a collar this gives us a little more control.

  2. Akira Dogesawa of NY sends her Shiba best to Chibi! She is at the link below, in a Zen moment of contemplation. L

    If you stay highly interactive and expose Chibi to lots of other dogs early on, socialization isn’t a problem with Shibas. Sure, if they spend all day alone in the back yard, they will get pretty solipsistic pretty quickly. Also start training him ASAP on sit, stay, come. Reinforce every day. They are super smart and learn almost immediately, but since they are not as motivated by your approval (like next to zero) you need to just burn in with repetition. Sure, he *knows* you want him to sit, but he’s a Shiba and does not gaf what you think! 😂 Also be prepared for the most elaborate poop spot selection process imaginable.

    1. Thanks, Q!

      That’s what we’ve been doing. Puppy kindergarten. Lots of walks, friendly greetings. We’ve been lucky that we haven’t run into dogs that were aggressive to turn him off.

      Your girl is very pretty. How old is she?

  3. She is 4 1/2. She is such a great dog. She is a big part of my writing – walking her is where I do a lot of thinking. Also watching her intuit the world with such immediacy and attention.

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