feathers [and words] (20170920)

i keep finding these feathers

enormous black feathers
mostly intact
these feathers that i find

sometimes they have been
broken, tangled and wet with blood
dangling fleshy strings
these feathers belong to birds
who no longer soar

i find them
these feathers
scattered and drifting
they drift
they fall without weight

i once found a hummingbird
that had died
it was like watching a handful
of emeralds and rubies
becoming dim evaporating light
as they sighed in darkness
the humming bird’s body
was lighter than many
of the feathers i find

the feathers
i keep finding them
they keep finding me
i drift with them
it won’t hurt when i hit
the ground
my feathers were taken
from me in flight
i will descend without effort

find me among the feathers

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