underground (20170523)

i have learned the hard way
that just because something
has been buried does not mean
it’s dead

          i have seen enough
late night tv to know
that which emerges in the dark
having tarried long underground
is always hungry
for what is thickening in your
skull like rendered fat

self-immolation is the only
defense against these
plutonian horrors
why do you think the norse gods
preferred it to burial

no one grows up hoping
to be a cannibal
or his dinner


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics: Underground

27 thoughts on “underground (20170523)”

  1. Zombie apocalypse, here we come! Though I think it’s more likely that we rise again as plant life, ready to start the whole cycle off again.

  2. I’ve tried burying things you swear never to want again (toxic friendships, selfish lover, painful memories), yet I always seemed to dig them all up again. What is it with self-destruction that baits us? We cannibalize ourselves.

    I got goosies reading your words. Brilliant. Hurts so good. xo

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