neighbors (20170414)

stiff tin people
[too fast to call it walking
one foot always
anchored to the earth
dragging it beneath them]

they look like skeletons
wrapped in butcher paper
their clothes rustle
[or is it their skin]
as they pass

both look down
so as not to make eye contact
glancing up
at my ‘good evening’
hooded vision like hawks
searching for movement
in the sidewalk cracks


It’s National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 14

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10 thoughts on “neighbors (20170414)”

      1. For a moment there I read it as ‘stroking his goat’ – which made me laugh out loud. Goatee’s still good though.

      2. Is that a goat or a bull mastiff? Either way it looks uncomfortable. Probably because of my ‘stroking’ reputation.

      3. It came up when I typed goat so I’m hoping it’s the internationally accepted emoji for goat. But yeah, you’re getting the side eye, goat-stroker.

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