vapors (20160817)

sleeping i dream of your perfume
so strong it wakes me
sweating and trembling
the ache in my stomach
a hollow sucking pain
where the cosmic
melon baller has emptied me out

gutted, wasn’t that your word

what traffic does the living
have with the dead
and really
which of us is better off
you, who’ve departed
or this fragile mist
that rattles these bones
and pretends life


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Ghost

11 thoughts on “vapors (20160817)”

      1. I get bits and pieces of free time throughout the day, and there’s never any rhyme or logic as to how I peruse blogs. I enjoy visiting your blog! — one of my most favorite past time. πŸ™‚

  1. While reading this, phantom smells of my grandmother rose and I literally stopped breathing for a minute. If you can touch even one person like this, I think your work has succeeded! Brilliant job!

    1. Wow, thank you very much! Smell is so primal, isn’t it? It cuts right through to memories we think we’ve forgotten.

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